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Meet some of the animals
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Rafiki ...
... is a young Suri alpaca who was born on the farm during lockdown. Having suffered an injury to his leg early on in life, he was hand-reared by one of our wonderful volunteers, Vicky. He received National tabloid fame for being snapped by a passer-by sitting happily in a car waiting for Vicki to pick up her two boys from school. We hope that Rafiki, with his kind and gentle soul, will go on to be a 'therapy animal', visiting care homes and spreading some very special alpaca love.
... is our resident cockerel who we love very deeply. He's king of the chickens and features on our Wilderley logo. Over the past four years with us, he's survived fox attacks amongst other dramas. He struts through life with a regal air.

HOBBIES: foraging for juicy bugs for his ladies and reminding us, rather loudly, that the sun has risen.
Geoffrey ...
... is our stunning resident guardian goose who was re-homed with us nearly two years ago. His main residence is at Goat Camp where he enjoys admiring his reflection in the window. He's a grumpy goose who can get in a bit of a temper, so watch out if you approach too close.

HOBBIES: He adores his own reflection, chasing tyres (please stop the car if he does this!) and playing 'football' on his pond.
Ruble ...
... is one of our first 'exotic rescues.' He's a Patagonian Mara (South American hare) who was rescued by a lovely friend of ours from a horrible, windowless reptile shop. 'Ruble' is a gentle soul and it's a privilege to host him at Wilderley. We are currently building a beautiful environment where he can dig and play in the sunshine.

HOBBIES: Jumping high, eating spinach and running fast.
The sheep ...
... were orphan lambs whom we have raised from a few days old. Badger, Willow, Bubbles and Bobby are the woolly bandits of the farm. As you can see from the photo there's no end of tricks they attempt to play on us and one was climbing the Treehouse roof to avoid getting sheared.

HOBBIES: Causing trouble, eating, causing more trouble - but we love them!
... is the grand old lady of the farm. She's what's called a Polish chicken and part of a collection in our back garden. At eleven, she's quite the eccentric with a huge personality.

HOBBIES: being cuddled, eating mealy worms, thinking philosophical thoughts.
The Rhea Trio...
.... Gin, Tonic & Cassius. Cassius is the big white five-foot male who emits the most extraordinary prehistoric 'BOOMing sound.' Rheas are fascinating birds to watch, especially if they put on a show with you and dance like a prima ballerina.

HOBBIES: Pecking (so watch out!) Running and shaking their tail feathers.
... Once in a while, a story behind a rescue really pulls at the heartstrings. Ralph, our magnificent 14-year-old Gloucester Spot boar was just one of those. Ralph originally had a lovely young owner who had a few problems and sadly died, but not before Ralph had written him a letter talking about his adventures in our Wilderley orchard. It put a smile on his owner's face before leaving the world. Ralph lives next to the Treehouse.

HOBBIES: Eating apples, digging for roots, rolling over to have his tummy scratched.
Lottie ...
... is our resident escape artist who was gifted to us for that very reason. She's a moody pygmy goat but incredibly sweet if you catch her on a good day. One of her favourite people is Scottie, our Farm resident host (pictured in a fine pink hat).
At Unicorn Alpaca Walks, we specialise in the rescue, rehabilitation and occasional foster to the right home.

We have a number of other rescue animals on site, from ducks, to chickens to exotics... and more!

We would hugely appreciate your help by way of donation via Amazon for useful stuff that the animals will love you for.
The Goat Gang ...
... (Goose, Bambi, Batty and Maxi) we have had them all from babies. Goose, the grey and white leader of the pack whose image is used on our logo, sadly died a few months ago. This beautiful cheeky pygmy team often greet our guests on arrival and can be found wandering around various spots on the farm.

HOBBIES: Eating cardboard and stealing the post.
Fergus ...
... is the most gentle and sweet alpaca in our herd and is often trusted to be led by a child. Hobbies: eating grass and looking pretty.
Leo ...
... is king of the cats. To buy the farm, we had to be interviewed by Leo who luckily agreed that we could stay. Leo has definitely spent a number of his nine lives and now lives out his days sitting in the sun on the doorstep and watching the world go by.

HOBBIES: He loves children and enjoys a stroke.
Rupert ...
.... arrived on our doorsteps as most peacocks do. He is a very glamourous addition to the farm and if you are lucky, will show off his tail feathers to you.

HOBBIES: Hooting, stealing peas out of the vegetable garden, keeping an eye on his three wives, looking beautiful.
Bear ..
... the skunk, has been with us since he was 12 weeks old. He loves nothing more than to be harnessed up and go for a walk digging for beatles and grubs. He is such a beautiful animal who loves a cuddle and a huge hit with our visitors.

HOBBIES: Eating fruit, cuddling, playing with toys.
The Meerkats
The Meerkats are a relatively new addition to our Wilderley fur family but they have already captured everyone's hearts, both visitors and volunteers alike. Naturally curious and incredibly comical, this young Meerkat Mob of four are loving life at Wilderley. Their favourite pastime consists of climbing onto visitors heads and having a good scout about. We have now started 'Meet the Meerkats' experiences for small groups of up to six people. A great excuse to snuggle down in the straw and watch their antics unfold.
No Longer with Us
The animals at Wilderley are not 'exhibits' or here just for our entertainment. They are our special friends who share the farm, greet our guests, and work alongside us - whether laying an egg, teaching a child how to interact, or allowing a gentle hug or touch. Without them, Wilderley wouldn't possess the magic it has. It's always hard when they fly away. They tell their own special story and it's a privilege to have shared our lives with them.
click on an image to discover their story
(2017-Feb 2021) ...
... was the inspiration for the goat in the Wilderley logo and the subject of many visitor's selfie pictures over the years. He was the most beautiful, wise, handsome and intelligent fellow and the leader of our free-range pack of pygmy goats. Goose loved nothing more than clip clopping into the house and claiming our attention - as well as a piece of toast. Always first to greet a guest with his beautiful amber eyes and so gentle with our visiting children and those new to the 'way of goat'. Thank you, dear Goosey for being the best host goat anyone could possibly wish for and for your wonderful Wilderley service. Never forgotten.
Albert had originally lived in France and was quite the old gentleman when he was given to us. Having decided early on that he didn't want to walk with alpacas, he spent his last two years with us looking noble and thoroughly beautiful. Some animals don't have to 'do' anything, they can just 'be'. Albert was definitely a 'be-ing' rather than a 'do-ing' animal and we are so happy we had the honour of offering a home for his final days before wishing us adieu.
Keesa was a cat in a million! She appeared out of a hedge, whilst on a local drive, and said she'd like to come and live at Wilderley. She'd heard good things, apparently, and she was getting pretty fed-up with hedge life. In return, she caught rats and was the finest of hosts; meeting and greeting guests and entertaining young and old with her loud purr. Keesa also entertained the vets by not revealing her sex. She was neither boy nor girl, just wonderful Keesa. Brave, loving, bold and beautiful, we will always love and hold her in our hearts.
Louis was given to us by our neighbour who'd done a beautiful job of raising him from a fallen fledgling. We began a process of 'soft release' which enabled him to have the freedom of flight and the safety of a bed at night. It was a magical experience to see a 'wild' bird begin to unfold his wings into the world and process how it worked - very soon we felt part of that discovery. Louis will always be remembered for his immense intelligence, sense of fun, and the kindness he showed a group of children, on a charity day, playing tag with them and making them laugh. It was an extraordinary privilege to have shared a little of Louis's life and a heart-breaking day when he flew away to heaven. He is buried near Celeste's writing hut where cornflowers (the colour of his eyes) grow every year.
John Travolta (vocals), Big Bird (on drums) and Duster (on bass) along with our beautiful and very much still alive, cockerel, Tchaikovsky, were one of the first chickens we ever had. They paraded around the garden as a gang, getting into all sorts of trouble - somewhat like a rather disheveled and rather tatty rock group - their personalities were wild and wonderful. These beautiful bantams will be forever with us in our memory - giving us so many laughs and lessons in life.
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